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About Veruvis

V E R U V I S ®

We create a functional interface between mind and brain

The secret of our team’s exceptional results lies in the trans-, inter-, multi-disciplinary approach and in accessing the latest technologies and working procedures.

Our Mission

Through our work we aim to make change possible and visible, to restore balance and bring harmony to people's lives.

Our Values


We understand the background and needs of our clients, paying attention and gently helping them overcome their fears.



We believe that in any situation it is absolutely necessary to be honest with yourself and those around you.



Our mantra: Everything is possible.



Every interaction with our clients is a new lesson and a step forward. We can only grow together, in order to better understand our clients’ needs.


V E R U V I S®

Veruvis means support for clients who want to regain their balance and improve their lives. Veruvis Center uses the latest technologies and neurotherapy procedures and a multi-disciplinary approach to each case. We ensure proven efficiency in accessing the potential of the brain, to help each client improve their mental performance.

Meet the team

Our research team reunites valued experts, doctors in neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, non-linear mathematics, advanced statistics, and software development. The team also includes former students of our founder, Dr. Costin Damasaru. Thus, they all form a strong team, ready to help their clients, the VERUVIS® team.



Costin studied at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston, USA, as part of the Executive Education program – Neuroscience for Leadership. There he worked with world-renowned researchers for improving the performance of the human brain using Brain Mapping technology and Brain Computer Interface.

He has a PhD in Management, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in business administration.

He is currently lecturing as a visiting professor at:

  • Vives University of Bruges, Belgium
  • Kassel University, Kassel, Germany
  • Sheffield City College

He is the founder and general manager of the Center for Research in Augmenting Neural Performance, a lifelong project for him, deeply rooted in his healing journey and in his struggle with a very cruel neural disease: Tinnitus

His mission is to help people access the immense healing power of the brain and reach their full potential.

Its role within the Center is to develop together with the team of researchers neural protocols for brain optimization and management processes.

“The extremely powerful neural protocols we develop have the power to free people from the limits of their own minds.”

Cognitive Training Trainer BM-BCI, Veruvis Center

Matei Grigore

Matei is 24 years old and is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and a master student in the neurobiology research branch. Discussions on various topics of neuroscience are his favorites, always learning something new from each interaction.

At the end of the first year of Psychology, as part of a volunteer program in Indonesia, he interacted with various human typologies, which awakened his desire to be able to understand why people behave in one way or another.

His experience at the Veruvis Center comes with a lot of enthusiasm, because he feels that he is appreciated for his work, and the fact that he can communicate at any time openly about any subject, helps him to develop both personally and professionally.

“My personal focus is on studying neuroinflammation, treating chronic stress, investigating neurodegenerative processes and ocular development in neural processes, and the experience at the Veruvis Center helps me to deepen this branch.”

BM-BCI Neural Training Mentor

Ana Oprea

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Programul Veruvis este de marți până sâmbătă între orele 9:00 și 18:00.

Dacă doriți mai multe informații despre Antrenamentul Neuronal BM-BCI, vă invităm la o convorbire gratuită prin WhatsApp mai jos, prin telefon la 0725 221 222 sau ne puteți comunica intervalul de timp dorit când vă putem contacta noi, completând formularul

Suntem aici pentru dumneavoastră și avem încredere că împreună cu Veruvis, calitatea vieții dumneavoastră se va îmbunătăți!

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