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Brain Mapping


The Brain Map is generated by performing a qEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram), which together with the information provided by the client, generates an overview of the initial status.

✔ Explanation of the initial Brain Map and comparison with the final Brain Map, made by a dedicated Veruvis specialist

✔ Based on the complex information collected following the Brain Map, we develop with our team the personalized neural training protocol, according to the identified peculiarities.

BM-BCI Neuronal Training


You can come to training once a month, once every two weeks or once a week.

✔ Choose the ideal option for you together with the Veruvis expert.

FREE: Brain Map comparative evaluation after the module of 15 training sessions

✔ Access to the Masterclass with Dr. Drd. Psych. Costin Dămășaru, for 1 year

*20% discount on full payment of the 15-session module.
Cannot be combined with other discounts.


In order to be able to record the observed improvements, we recommend a minimum of 11 sessions of BM-BCI Neuronal Training together with the Veruvis Masterclass program.

Please note that the neural performance augmentation process is dynamic and entirely personalized, as a result, both the frequency and the number of training sessions may vary according to the needs identified with each individual client.

Registration to the online Webinars is done only by completing a BM-BCI Neuronal Training in the respective month.

Veruvis Masterclass will be available from January 2024.

Benefits of Brain Mapping

Visualize your brain activity in each area of your brain.

We generate the brain map using the qEEG headset with silver electrodes and state-of-the-art imaging software.

We create an overview of your initial status.

We identify the processes that need to be optimized to achieve a higher quality of life and the key factors that led to the generation of the dysfunctional context.

Non-invasive and without side effects.

Based on this information, we create the customized BM-BCI neural training protocol.

Benefits of BM-BCI Neuronal Training

Modules developed to help you go through the 12 neural optimization sessions at a personalized pace.

Each session is designed to help you reach your desired outcome on the optimal path.

Results of neural training include and are not limited to:

Improved deep sleep for a better rest.

Increased vital energy.

Optimized internal dialogue for growth.

Access to inner resources for sustainable evolution.

Increased state of presence.

Collection, processing and use of information in context.

Increased power of cognition.

Effective management of emotions.

Removing toxic templates.

Assimilation and elimination of traumatic information.

Development of optimal and effective strategies to increase the quality of life.

Maintaining mental focus for longer periods of time.

Improved cognitive skills.

Faster and more efficient execution of tasks.

Improved mental clarity.

Ability to concentrate in episodes of intense stress.

Increasing personal discipline.

Flexible adaptive attention, focus and mental clarity.

Increased intuition, expanded awareness.

High levels of creativity.

Speed in decision-making.

Knowledge is of two types: implicit and explicit.

Implicit knowledge refers to that form of understanding that is difficult to explain or verbalize. It is often the result of direct experience and is embedded in our behavior and abilities without being clearly aware of it. It is subconscious and is often difficult to convey to others through words.

Explicit knowledge is the opposite of implicit knowledge and refers to information that can be expressed clearly and articulately. It is self-aware and can be communicated to others through precise language. It is often found in courses, written documents, or other sources that can be deliberately transmitted and learned.

At Veruvis we strongly believed that these forms of knowledge work effectively together to shape our understanding of the world and help us navigate various situations. Join the Veruvis Materclass get rid of barriers and discover your potential!

What is the BM-BCI training program?

The BM-BCI neural training program initially requires completion of one or more of the following assessments: an initial intake interview with a Veruvis Center trainer, self-report assessments, computerized continuous performance testing, psychophysiological assessment, and/or quantitative electroencephalogram [qEEG] (also known as “Brain Map”).

After a trainer’s interpretation of the test results, a test result feedback and communication session will be held to review the information and discuss training recommendations. The BM-BCI trainer will conduct initial training, orientation sessions and BM-BCI training.

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