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How does the BM-BCI® neural training program improve Athletic Performance?

From performance athletes to renowned CEOs, top performance is widely considered a key concept nowadays. We can modify the intake of foods, substances, or dietary supplements and/or implement various practices that we hope will lead to increased productivity at work. But are these enough?

Attention and focus

When researchers talk about “action controllers”, “automatization” or even “muscle memory”, they really refer to representations of an action or sequence of actions that are formed, reorganized and consolidated in our long-term memory.

All movements are derived from a multitude of smaller movements that bind together, like beads in a necklace. It is believed that the more often we reproduce a movement, the stronger those selected neural activations become and the representation at the level of neural networks of the desired completed movement is better defined.

BM-BCI® neural training protocols have the power to strengthen existing neural circuits, thus becoming much stronger and more effective, which provides the perfect context for improving performance.

Improves emotional control

Sporting events have the power to bring out the best and the worst of the behavioral pattern of performance athletes. It is true that psychological requirements are very high when athletes or teams strive to achieve the best results. In the context in which physical skills are matched, as it is the case in most competitions, the winner becomes the athlete with the strongest mental approach. The winner in this case developed the ability to control his mind with great precision before and during the decisive moments.

There is a strong misconception embedded among both coaches and athletes that the mental aspects of performance are unchangeable. These are both old news and fake news, since mental training can have a similar impact on performance as physical training. Getting into the right mental state before the competition is one of the most important aspects of superior performance.

BM-BCI ® neural training protocols can make a real difference, giving athletes the power they need to control their minds, with remarkable and measurable results.

The essential concept that we should bear in mind is: The total stress load. For the professional athlete the formula is:

Lifestyle stress + Emotional stress + Training stress + Competition stress = Total stress.

Using BM-BCI ® customized neural protocols, we can effectively approach and manage all components.

Total stress load is aiming at the following results:

  • Smoothen the inner dialogue
  • The same level of mental focus in critical moments of play
  • Real competitive advantages through increased skills
  • Better game, faster, stronger
  • Harmonized precision
  • Deep relaxation with amazing results to improve psychological and muscle healing
  • Ability to focus during episodes of intense stress
  • Faster learning of new game methods
  • Reducing problems of personal discipline
  • Longer time sequences in the “Flow” state

Prevents harmful fatigue and injuries

Fatigue has been defined in numerous ways. It is a sensation with harmful impact at the physiological, functional and perceptive level, which can last for several days after intense sporting events. For example, fatigue can occur after a significant physical stimulus at the peripheral level. In this case, the skeletal muscles will be under the influence of the local inflammatory phenomenon and the person will feel a short-term muscle dysfunction. Another form can be a central fatigue related to the decreased ability of the central nervous system to activate the neural pathway for the muscle contraction.

Using the BM-BCI Deep Relaxation neural training protocol we can accelerate the recovery rate with amazing results.

The BM-BCI® neural training program acts on the entire network of brain systems with the purpose of providing the neural networks with the resources they need in order to maintain their maximum capacity for action.

The brain of an athlete who uses the BM-BCI® training retains its vitality, flexibility and ability to adapt to new and stressful contexts, thus having a competitive advantage that really makes a difference in the sports field.

Improves sleep

The sleep of a performance athlete directly influences how he performs any task during the day, whether it is about achieving intellectual or physical performance. Performance athletes need recovery sleep to maintain their brain health at an optimal level. Sleep is also beneficial in the healing process helping to keep the athlete in the best possible physical and mental health.

It is scientifically proven that quality sleep helps to preserve and consolidate memories. When performance athletes practice or learn new tactics, sleep further helps them to form memories and helps improve performance in the future.

Also, loss of sleep is associated with a decrease in cognitive function. This can have adverse effects on athletes whose activities require a high level of cognitive function such as: the ability to make decisions in an extremely short time and to adapt to new situations encountered in the field. BM-BCI® neural training has been shown to improve the quality and depth of sleep, with direct benefits for a performance athlete.  

Professional athletes who achieve maximum performance often have one thing in common: they have the ability to fully focus on the goals they want to achieve during the entire competition.

BM-BCI® Neural Training Program for High Performance Sports

BM-BCI® neural training is a non-invasive method created and optimized for achieving peak performance. The basis of the training lies in the scientific concept and the changes in neuronal modulation in the brain translate into the physical sphere – into changes in the performance. The whole process begins with making a Brain Map to assess how the areas of the brain communicate with each other and thus to decide which aspects need to be “optimized”. After the start of the BM-BCI® neural training sessions, the progress of the objective is measured by creating comparative brain maps.

Subjective changes are observed in terms of work or athletic productivity, psychological and perception changes, as well as in the control of the fine motor skills or balance.

One of the major attributes of the BM-BCI® neural training program is the facilitation of reaching top levels in sports performance. In a study titled “Brain-training for physical performance: a study of EEG-Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® and alpha relaxation training in athletes”, a trained group using BM-BCI® technology “showed a greater reduction in reaction times in a visual attention test than the control group and showed an improvement in several performance indicators.”¹

BM-BCI® training can improve focus and attention

It can also reduce anxiety, improve control over negative emotions and optimize physical balance.

In another published study, an Olympic athlete who lost motivation and self-confidence after an injury followed a 4-sessions neural training protocol. Dramatic and significant statistical changes in neural connectivity have been observed. ²

BM-BCI® neural training has great potential for performance enhancement in many areas, including sports and cognitive performance.
A “strong learning effect” was observed in terms of cognitive improvement in a recent study on BM-BCI®³, which allowed to reach the maximum potential for use, processing and placement in the context of the different information received, with reference to both sports performance and personal life.

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