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BM-BCI neural training has the power to optimize the brain with ASD-specific dysfunctions.

BM-BCI neural training uses state-of-the-art technologies in the process of optimizing neural networks, managing to mitigate or even eliminate a large part of the dysfunctions associated with the specific ASD symptomatology. The exponential technological advance in the field of neuroimaging, alongside the rapid evolution of the complex methods for computerized quantitative analysis, have managed to greatly broaden the possible clinical applications in the field of neuropsychophysiological injuries.

Self-optimization plays a vital role in improving human performance. The BM-BCI neural training program used within Veruvis Center represents a highly effective and non-invasive approach, which aims to optimize the oscillations of the human brain.

Improving brain function

The neural training formula BM (Brain Map) – BCI (Brain Computer Interface) aims to improve brain functioning by conditioning the correlations of brain wave patterns, based on the quantitative evaluation of the electroencephalogram.

Attention and focus

For Autistic Spectrum Disorders, the BM-BCI neural training formula has proven effective in: increasing sustained attention, sensory and/or cognitive awareness as well as verbal, nonverbal and paraverbal communication.

Well-trained professionals

It is extremely important that the implementation of BM-BCI neural protocols is carried out by well-trained professionals with expertise in understanding the functioning patterns of the neural network attributes.

At the same time, mastering multidisciplinary information, beyond the simple ability to use the equipment, improves safety and optimizes the effectiveness of therapy.

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