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Stress is already part of our daily routine, although that is not something we want.

Stress is so deeply rooted in our daily activities that we simply no longer notice it and carry out our usual activities despite its constant presence. Unfortunately, regardless of how we relate to stress, we can feel its effects in either a conscious or unconscious way, both in the work environment and in our personal lives.

Moreover, the mind has a fascinating ability to take us to unsuspected inner realms. In the course of a single day, we can relive our own dramas countless times, without having the power to control this aspect. Thus, we end up losing the sense of time and space and we stop being aware of what is really happening around us.”

We eat, we sleep, we love, we work, we take care of our children, we have social interactions, very often under a shadow of stress. Unfortunately, many things that we do eventually become stressful activities.

What is the purpose of stress?

Our brain introduced us to the concept of stress many millions of years ago, as a mean of protecting ourselves. Periods of stress were limited in time and intensity. Then, our evolution happened in a more complex context, so the time and intensity of stressful periods increased, sometimes turning stress into a continuous state of being. Just like that, a tool that the brain developed to protect us became one of our worst enemies.

This is where applied neuroscience comes to the rescue.

Using Brain Mapping technology and Brain Computer Interface (BM-BCI®) you can take control of your own mind through the brain, with remarkable results. Some of our clients have described their own transformations as: “pure miracles”.

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