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What steps do we follow?


Brain mapping

In the first instance, we create a Brain Map generated by making a qEEG (a quantitative electroencephalogram) which together with the information provided by the client generates an overview  of the initial status.


We identify together the dysfunctions of the brain using a customized Map and create a narrative that encompasses all the key factors with a decisive role in generating the dysfunctional context.

Development of customized neural training protocol

Based on the complex information collected from the Brain Mapp we develop together with our inter, multi- and cross-disciplinary team a neural training protocol customized according to the identified dysfunctions.

BM-BCI neuronal training

We perform the BM-BCI neuronal training in which we apply the customized BM-BCI neural training protocol which aims to reduce or even eliminate the dysfunctions encountered.

qEEG data is constantly sent to a high-performance software while the client is training.


BM-BCI Adjustment

We constantly relate and adapt to the real needs of the client. We approach each meeting and discussion from a new angle and we also focus on new information which is often essential for customizing the neural protocol depending on the needs of each client.  

We monitor the Evolution

We provide you with a complex mobile app which constantly monitors your evolution.  

*Currently, we are working on adapting this mobile app to meet the needs of each type of customer.

Our new monitoring app

Our TO app, developed for the clients of the Veruvis Center, helps us understand the global evolution of the client and adapt the therapy to the contextual factors.

Each client has access to this app and can constantly fill in the custom form. Based on this dynamic form, we can see in real time the evolution of our clients and how BM-BCI training works from session to session.

The app is available in all 3 stores:

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