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Brain Map

The Brain Map

350 EURO

BM-BCI training

Optimization of neural networks

300 EURO/ session

To be able to record the desired improvements, we recommend a minimum of 11 BM-BCI neural training sessions. However, it is worth remembering that the process of augmenting neural performance is a dynamic and fully customized one, as a result, both the frequency and the number of training sessions can vary depending on the needs identified with each client.

What does the BM-BCI training program imply?

The BM-BCI neural training program requires, in the first instance, the completion of one or more evaluations of the following: an initial admission interview with a Veruvis center trainer, self-report evaluations, computerized continuous performance testing, psychophysiological evaluation and/or quantitative electroencephalogram [qEEG] (also known as “Brain Map”).

After a trainer’s interpretation of the test results, a feedback and communication session on the test results will be organized to review the information and discuss the training recommendations. The BM-BCI trainer will lead the initial preparations, orientation sessions and BM-BCI workouts.

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