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Creativity, focus and deep sleep | Neurotechnology makes everything possible! 6:47

What can be the benefits of BM-BCI Neuronal Training? For Alex, they are: mental clarity, focus, regulation of sleep schedule, enhancing the creative processes and more!

Change your brain at any age | Neurotechnology makes everything possible! 3:58

What can be the benefits of BM-BCI Neuronal Training? For Andrei, they are: mental clarity, focus, adjusting the sleep schedule, facilitating creative processes and more!

Rediscover your inner strength! 💪 How to optimize your brain for a fulfilled life | Veruvis 4:34

What can be the benefits of BM-BCI Neuronal Training? For Pompilia, they are: relationships with those around her, connecting with herself and others!

At 54 years old, Camelia goes beyond the limits of the autistic brain  6:05

From the age of 3, Camelia experienced a series of strong blockages, which prevented her from talking or performing other functions specific to different stages of life. She was then diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Success stories

Last night, Razvan was literally desperate to speak out. He asked for my phone to look at the animals. He started saying what animals he was seeing, and he wanted me to repeat after him. He did the same with his grandmother, grandfather, and father. After that, he grabbed his toy animals and told me what kind of animals they were. When he finished with them, he started to list other animals and birds to me until he fell asleep. He literally didn’t stop!

RăzvanAutism & ADHD (3 BM-BCI training sessions)

Good morning! Yesterday, right after putting on the headband for the anti-stress program, he started crying and had a reaction of fear for about 10 minutes. After that, he had a very good behavior for the rest of the day. No aggression, no sorrow, no crying, and for the first time ever he started to do one of his paper sheets (he sat on the chair, took the marker and began to outline some geometric shapes). On top of that, he slept for 11 hours, without waking up from 11 pm to 10 am.

DavidAutism & ADHD (10 BM-BCI training sessions)

Good morning, Maria looked me in the eye very present and conscious and hugged me without asking her to do so.

MariaAutism & ADHD (7 BM-BCI training sessions)

Vlad is increasingly active and adventurous. He has transformed into a fearless little explorer, and now confidently ventures into areas of the house that previously intimidated him.

VladDown Syndrome (5 BM-BCI training sessions)

Today, Sofi went to kindergarten. This time, she understood that she had to sit on the chair, and she carefully kept and handed the flowers bouquet to her teacher. At the end of the day, when we needed to leave, she started crying because she wanted to stay some more. We hope that she will be ok from now on, and she will understand the next tasks.

SofiaAutism & ADHD (3 BM-BCI training sessions)

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