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Casca EEG - Antrenament manageri

How exactly does the BM-BCI® neural training program improve managers’ performance?

Self-optimization plays a vital role in improving human performance. The BM-BCI® neural training program used in the Veruvis Center represents a highly effective and non-invasive approach, which aims to optimize the oscillations of the human brain.

Attention and focus

The requirement for consistent high performance in management roles imposes significant stress on managers who must sustain focus for prolonged periods, disregarding any potential distractions. While different tasks impose different requirements on the brain, BM-BCI ® training improves the manager’s ability to stay connected while maintaining a high level of subsidiary and adjacent brain functions.

Improves emotional control

One of the aspects that can be difficult to manage in the life of an effective manager is the ability to perform without being influenced by different emotional triggers. The anxiety felt towards a very important meeting or the pressure to achieve performance at high standards can negatively influence the way a manager behaves.

BM-BCI® neural training stabilizes mood and emotional perception, including the ability to cope with stress. Thus, the manager’s brain learns how to manage contexts and moments with a strong emotional charge. At the same time, BM-BCI® neural training increases the brain’s ability to focus on important tasks for extended periods of time.

The direct effects of improving emotional control that have been clinically observed include:

  • Increased performance in “Flow”
  • Maintaining mental focus over longer periods
  • Improving cognitive abilities
  • Faster and more efficient task execution
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Increasing the capacity to relax in order to accelerate psychological and physical healing
  • The ability to focus during episodes of intense stress
  • Increasing personal discipline
  • Reducing problems of personal discipline

Slows down the cognitive decline

If a manager is not engaged in some form of neural training, as he/she ages, the brain’s performance begins to naturally decrease in certain areas, such as the memory. Just as a person needs to exercise and move his/her body in order to stay in a good physical shape, fitness for the brain is also needed to keep the brain functioning at the highest level.

The BM-BCI® neural training program acts on the entire network of brain systems with the purpose of providing the neural networks with the resources they need in order to maintain their maximum capacity for action.

The brain of a manager who uses the BM-BCI® neural training retains its vitality, flexibility and ability to adapt to new and stressful contexts, thus having a competitive advantage that really makes a difference in the business environment.


Improves sleep

Sleep is essential, both for the body and for the mind.

The sleep of a top manager directly influences how he performs any task during the day, whether it is about achieving intellectual or physical performance. To operate at full capacity we need recovery sleep. In this way we can maintain our brain health at an optimal level. Sleep is also beneficial in the healing process, helping to maintain the human body in the best possible physical and mental health.

BM-BCI® neural training has been shown to improve the quality and depth of sleep, which brings direct benefits to the performance of a top manager.

A restful sleep is extremely important when we talk about optimizing performance, reaction time and decision making, therefore, through BM-BCI® neural training a manager can improve the quality of his sleep, but also his motor skills, learning processes and response reaction.  

Improves sleep 

Improves sleep 

Improves sleep 

Improves sleep 

Improves sleep 

Improves sleep 

Restores the proper functioning of the brain after episodes of intense stress

The business world is a very intense one and managers often experience intense stress. Brain dysfunctions can occur in a single incident or in less severe but repetitive incidents, such as increased levels of stress  carried out for days or weeks in a row.

Due to brain dysfunctions, difficulties arise in areas such as attention, emotional control, balance control, impulse control, anxiety, depression, insomnia or even convulsions. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s natural ability to reorganize itself by creating new neural networks and correcting dysfunctions of already existing connections. Through neuroplasticity, BM-BCI® neural training can help the brain learn to function effectively, even if several years have passed since the traumatic event occurred.

After only 11 BM-BCI® training sessions, we can notice a significant activity in the prefrontal cortical areas, associated with increased self-confidence in complex business-related contexts.

Business professionals who achieve enviable performances often have one thing in common: the ability to fully focus on the goals they want to achieve.

The results of using the BM-BCI® neural training program in the specific business context is associated with the following behaviors:

  • Flexible adaptive attention, focus and mental clarity
  • No fear of failure, positive inhibition
  • Performance linked to the feeling of relaxed ease
  • Effective control of emotions
  • Increased mental energy when feeling pressure of performing certain tasks
  • High levels of creativity
  • Increased mental energy in terms of the pressure of performing tasks
  • Speed in decision making
  • Appraisal of own decisions
  • Increased memory performance

Self-regulation plays a vital role in improving human performance.

The neural training program “Veruvis” using BM-BCI® (Brain Mapping – Brain Computer Interface) technology is a non-invasive, scientifically proven approach, extremely effective for conditioning without adverse effects the oscillations of the human brain.

The innovative neural training method is successfully used by Fortune 500 companies from around the world for developing and improving the self-regulating abilities of the brain activity. The method shows outstanding results for both personal and business matters.

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