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A unique solution in the world. A Journey Back to the Origin of Your Cognition

Step into The Womb Experience, a truly extraordinary space meticulously designed by our team of experts to deprive your senses. Here, you will embark on a remarkable journey that allows your mind to transcend distractions and delve into the depths of cognitive optimization. By immersing yourself in this unique environment, you are freed from visual and auditory disruptions, while your body experiences a state of weightlessness. These conditions trigger a profound response within your brain, forging a connection to the primal state of neural development that occurred within the womb.

In this serene setting, your brain forms associations between the experienced state and the moments of your earliest existence. These associations activate some of the most potent neural networks, setting the stage for a transformative experience. By reestablishing this connection to the formative period of your neural development, you unlock the immense potential within your brain, paving the way for enhanced cognitive abilities and personal growth.

Elevate Your Human Potential

At Veruvis, we believe that the human brain is an extraordinary instrument capable of achieving astonishing feats. Our groundbreaking approach to brain optimization centers around the concept of neural optimization, and The Womb Experience is the epitome of this innovative methodology. By immersing yourself in this unique environment, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. Through The Womb Experience, you tap into the remarkable power of your primary neural networks, honed during your time in the womb. These networks represent the foundation of your cognitive capabilities, and by optimizing them, you unlock new levels of mental acuity, focus, and creativity.

A Glimpse into The Womb Experience

Step into The Womb Experience and enter a specialized environment for the BM-BCI Neural Training. The session begins with the placement of a dry EEG cap on your head, connected to our Veruvis signal amplifier and a computer. This innovative prototype headset collects and monitors your brain’s electrical activity in real-time.

Once the system is in place, you’ll settle comfortably on the membrane of the dry floating capsule, where the BM-BCI Neural Training session takes place under specific conditions. You will experience a complete absence of visual and auditory stimuli while your body enters a state of weightlessness. This perfect environment enables the more efficient training of primary neural networks.

We are just one step away!

Unlock the transformative power of The Womb Experience and embark on a journey to optimize your brain’s capabilities. Discover the incredible potential within you and experience the profound benefits of Veruvis revolutionary BM-BCI Neural Training.

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