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Veruvis team

Meet the team

Our research team is formed of valued experts, doctors in neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, non-linear mathematics, advanced statistics, and software development. Moreover, the team also includes the former students with whom Costin Dămășaru has worked in the past. Thus, they all form a strong team, ready to help their clients, the VERUVIS® team.

Fondator și Director General

Dr. Drd. Psih. Costin Dămășaru

Costin studied at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston, USA, as part of the Executive Education program – Neuroscience for Leadership. There he worked with world-renowned researchers for improving the performance of the human brain using Brain Mapping technology and Brain Computer Interface.

He has a PhD in Management, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in business administration.

He is currently lecturing as a visiting professor at:

  • Vives University of Bruges, Belgium
  • Kassel University, Kassel, Germany
  • Sheffield City College

He is the founder and general manager of the Center for Research in Augmenting Neural Performance, a lifelong project for him, deeply rooted in his healing journey and in his struggle with a very cruel neural disease: Tinnitus

His mission is to help people access the immense healing power of the brain and reach their full potential.

Its role within the Center is to develop together with the team of researchers neural protocols for brain optimization and management processes.

“The extremely powerful neural protocols we develop have the power to free people from the limits of their own minds.”

BM-BCI Neural Training Mentor

Matei Grigore

Matei is 24 years old and is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and a master student in the neurobiology research branch. Discussions on various topics of neuroscience are his favorites, always learning something new from each interaction.

At the end of the first year of Psychology, as part of a volunteer program in Indonesia, he interacted with various human typologies, which awakened his desire to be able to understand why people behave in one way or another.

His experience at the Veruvis Center comes with a lot of enthusiasm, because he feels that he is appreciated for his work, and the fact that he can communicate at any time openly about any subject, helps him to develop both personally and professionally.

“My personal focus is on studying neuroinflammation, treating chronic stress, investigating neurodegenerative processes and ocular development in neural processes, and the experience at the Veruvis Center helps me to deepen this branch.”

Customer Success Manager

Ana Maria Stănică

Ana Maria is 27 years old and a graduate of the Faculty of Aviation and Management in Birmingham, UK. She is an optimistic person, organized and passionate about travel. She likes to visit new places and believes that these visits always bring joy to her soul and mind. She has accumulated an experience of almost a decade and it is expected that every day she will be a better version for herself and those around her. She likes to spend time with her loved ones and cook them selected dishes. Simple things make her happy.

“The experiences at the Veruvis Center means a real challenge for me, but also extra steps for a better version of myself.”

BM-BCI Neural Training Mentor

Ionuț Constantin

Ionuț is 22 years old and studies at the Faculty of Psychology. He is passionate about health psychology and wants to pursue a master’s degree in this field, which has sparked his curiosity about the relationship between mind and body and how motivation and mood can prevent certain behaviours.

He is a dedicated and committed person who puts all his resources towards achieving his goal, both personally and professionally: and that is helping people.

“I find the Veruvis team to be the ideal environment to learn and grow on all levels, with the opportunity to make a major impact in the lives of our clients.”

Customer Relationship Manager

Valentina Scutari

Innovation Director

Andrei Botescu

BM-BCI Neural Training Mentor

Ștefania Roșca

Ștefania is a counsellor with a degree in psychology and a graduate of the Master in Clinical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapies at Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu.

Clinical internships and involvement in various volunteer programs, as well as a vast portfolio of practice, have laid the foundation for a fascinating journey in exploring the human being.

“Veruvis is the place where I can express my curiosity in a challenging environment.”

BM-BCI Neural Training Mentor

Ana Oprea

Ana este psiholog clinician sub supervizare și masterandă în Psihotraumatologie. Visul ei este să devină psihoterapeut, iar în direcția acesta se formează în Terapia Focalizată pe Emoții. 

Cuvântul care o definește pe Ana este empatia. În interacțiunile directe, își dorește să simți că ești ascultat, înțeles și susținut. Activitatea ei este orientată către evoluție  însă, are răbdarea necesară unui progres sigur și constant.

Îi place să îmbine cunoștințele teoretice și informațiile empirice pentru a găsi modalitatea optimă de gestionare a tuturor situațiilor.

Deși este la început de drum profesional, cu sprijinul echipei, lucrează pentru a oferi experiențe pline de sens.

“Pentru mine, Centrul Veruvis este locul unde știința și dragostea față de oameni își găsesc numitorul comun. Mă bucur să am oportunitatea de a contribui la dezvoltarea personală a clienților noștri.”

Operations Director

Florina Brătucu

Florina is a graduate of the Faculty of Management, specialized in “Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management”. She has acquired her knowledge from both academic studies and work experience so far, occupying the position of Back Office Manager in several fields.

Florina is a sociable person and coordinating the team has become a passion for her. She likes to contribute to both the personal and professional development of the people around her.

“It’s a challenging environment where you develop and learn new things every day”

BM-BCI Neural Training Mentor at Veruvis Kids

Cristina Valentina Coleașă Bălan

Cristina is a member of the community of clinical psychologists, with a Master’s degree completed in the area of Health Psychology – Clinical Research and Behavioral Optimization. During her academic and professional evolution, she has acquired the necessary tools to understand and adapt to human behavior.

Cristina operates in a structured and organized manner, and in her interactions with people seeks to create an empathy-guided environment conducive to emotional and intellectual development.

She is a proactive team member who constantly seeks to streamline the processes behind neural training and constantly aims to provide a unique experience of optimization to every client who visits us.

“At Veruvis, I feel I have the space to put my knowledge and my personality to good use. I aspire to carry forward the desire for evolution – a desire that guides our work.”

Operations Manager

Anca Bașturea

Anca Bașturea has a bachelor’s degree in management and is currently a student in the master’s degree “Management and Internal Audit”. She is an energetic, empathetic person and with a good spirit of observation. She likes to work in an active, fast, and customer-oriented work environment because she considers herself a motivated person and she likes to work as part of a team. The activities carried out both during her studies and at the workplace were helpful to outline very well her skills such as: communication, cooperation, perseverance and assuming responsibilities.

She is a result-oriented person, optimistic and also realistic. She is always open to new challenges and preoccupied with the needs of those she interacts with in this regard. She does her best to better understand the situations around her, listens carefully and asks the right questions to identify the most effective solutions.

“The exhilarating environment I work in gives me the opportunity to constantly overcome my goals, to be fulfilled and satisfied that I can help the people around me.”

Design Director

Ana-Luiza Simion-Dămășaru

BM-BCI Neural Training Mentor

Anca Adam

Anca is a 4th year resident doctor, specializing in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (medical rehabilitation, physical medicine and neurological rehabilitation department), graduate of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest. She is passionate about neuro-psychological pathology and the complex treatment of cognitive-behavioral and neuro-degenerative disorders.

She is empathetic, oriented towards the needs and wishes of her clients, always offering alternatives for constant progress. She passionately combines psychological counseling and neural training guidance in order to help each client self-improve and overcome his/her limitations.

“I want to combine medicine and the joy of working directly with people, therefore Veruvis is the place where the challenges of the science of the future take shape and colour alongside a team eager to evolve with every step.”

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

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